Does your car need a coat of paint or some body work due to a fender-bender? Or do you just want to give your car a whole-body makeover? The professionals at ALBI Ford Joliette are ready to do the job! And each technician at ALBI le Géant is a certified CarrXpert.

ALBI le Géant facilities have been redesigned to help reduce volatile organic compound emissions(VOCs). These compounds are associated with auto body paint. These products are toxic to the environment and to human health, which is why ALBI le Géant has gone green, and proudly so!

Special training is needed to use this new paint, and to manage the waste it produces. Our specialized technicians have taken this training, so they can safely use this paint on your vehicle. The paint used by our specialists is waterborne, so less dangerous and less toxic to the environment and human health.

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