After-sales Service

ALBI le Géant after-sales service is personalized service with transparency, respect, and a lot of heart. Here, we treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated. The after-sales service team applies our business philosophy to the letter.

We deploy constant effort in order to never get caught off guard. We have on hand all the information you might need. We’re proud of encouraging our trainees, who are trained by qualified people who love their trade and have absorbed the ALBI culture. Our hard work ranks us at the top of Quebec businesses with the best after-sales service. We work hard to earn the trust our customers place in us, trust that can be seen in our ever-growing clientele.

To us, after-sales service is made up of a variety of items. For example, a member of the ALBI team might follow up with you after you’ve visited one of the ALBI dealerships, to make sure everything is going well with your vehicle. After-sales service also includes the various repair, accessory installation, and body work services we offer. We work hard year after year to keep our CarrXpert body work title, a pledge of quality without compromise.

We’re expecting you at ALBI Ford Joliette!